Helping educators and students boost their cultural awareness in classrooms and more.

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If you live in the United States, you likely know that our country’s demographics are changing. In the next 25 years there is predicted to be no “majority” racial group in the country. For the U.S., a country founded on racial division, this is HUGE. To embrace our changing country, much needs to be done and I believe part of it includes understanding, acknowledging and embracing the different cultures we reflect. Join me on a journey to boost our own cultural awareness, that of students, and our larger community.


About Me

I’m Julye, a lover of humanity, world traveler, educator and all-around "Global Girl." I love to explore the world, meet new people, and learn about and experience different cultures, or ways of living, from across the globe…

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The word “culture” often makes people think of differences in food and music, but the word actually includes so much more. Join me in exploring different cultures and discover more about yourself and others…

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I am convinced that learning about cultures different from our own expands our awareness, appreciation, and understanding of our fellow human beings.

— Julye M. Williams